New collaboration accelerates global adoption of DiA's breakthrough automated software tools, enabling quick, accurate and reproducible ultrasound imaging analysis, accessible anywhere and anytime DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., a medical imaging analysis software company, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Google Cloud. The goal of the collaboration is to bring to market new advanced automated tools for ultrasound imaging analysis.

Healthcare providers will benefit from quick, reliable, and reproducible ultrasound imaging analysis anywhere and anytime through DiA's breakthrough automated software tools running on Google Cloud Platform. DiA's tools utilize advanced, proprietary pattern recognition and sophisticated machine learning algorithms. The collaboration will transform patient care by offering advanced decision support via automation tools including image quantification and analysis through Google Cloud Platform, for both immediate and remote evaluations, starting with DiA's FDA cleared cardiac automated tools.

"One of DiA's obvious advantages is its ability to operate cross platforms. Our automated tools can be easily implemented into any ultrasound device and any healthcare IT system including cloud based platforms, all as part of the physician's workflow," stated Hila Goldman Aslan, DiA's CEO. "Once Google Cloud announced its engagement with the medical imaging industry, it was natural that we join forces to offer our quick and accurate auto ultrasound analysis, together with Google's cloud-enabled capabilities, in order to improve patient outcome."

About DiA Imaging Analysis DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., is a medical imaging analysis software company providing fully automated, implementable tools that enable quick, objective, and accurate imaging evaluations, with an initial focus on echocardiography. DiA's cognitive image processing technology is based on advanced pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms that automatically imitate the way the human eye identifies borders and motion, producing accurate and reliable data for the use of physicians. The company was founded by Hila Goldman Aslan, Michal Yaacobi and Arnon Toussia-Cohen.www.dia-analysis.com

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