Today we announced a recent fundraise with GM Ventures, ExxonMobil, Y Combinator Continuity, and Kevin Durant & Rich Kleiman of The Durant Company joining our list of investors. What this means to our customers is a couple things.
First, the Yoshi service is going to continue to improve in big ways. In our early days, you would text your address to a random phone number, and one of the founders would start driving to you to in the gas truck. Customer satisfaction was always high, but you wouldn't have called it a "seamless" experience.
We've come a long way in the last couple years, and we're going to keep pushing the bar higher. Yoshi's mission is to keep vehicles moving in the safest, most efficient, and planet-friendly way possible, while delivering unparalleled customer service. We want the service to just "magically" work, while still maintaining the same level support that we had when the founders were fielding every single text request 24/7.
As a customer, my favorite Yoshi experience is when I get the message "Just FYI, your car is due for an oil change this week, we've got it covered." Or, "We noticed your tires were a couple PSI low and just aired them up." We will continue to iterate on our service to make tracking the long list of car needs truly a thing of the past.
Second, Yoshi is going to be expanding to more people and places. Today, Yoshi is servicing customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, Atlanta, and (as of last week) Chicago. 2018 will be a big year for increasing that list dramatically. If we aren't in your city yet, sign-up to be one of the first in your area to try the service when the first trucks hit the ground.
As we grow, we take great care in the people whom we bring on board to Yoshi. From fuel technicians, to mechanics, engineers, and, of course, investors as well. Having the largest U.S. automaker and oil & gas company both is our idea of the "dream team" and we could not be more excited. Thank you to all who have supported us along the journey thus far!

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