Igor Ryabenkiy, founder and managing partner of AltaIR Capital, shows more trust in blockchain projects industry.

IR: We choose projects that have the potential of becoming global in one market or worldwide. Because blockchain is a technology with the first phase of maturity, we found it quite perspective and, therefore, have been working with it for some years now. We also have a specific department that works with blockchain.

His team uses the following principles when making a choice among blockchain projects.

  1. We are interested in those who understand both the technological and business part of implementing blockchain into a specific business as an infrastructure or as an applied solution.
  2. These people not only need to understand the business, but also to know how to do it, which steps to take in future. It doesn't mean they will do it this way, but they have to have a vision.
  3. We chose those who don't see blockchain as the latest fashion. It is an weighted decision that helps to widen one's horizon, grow the market and make the project more effective.
Igor shared some of the projects he trusts and invests in. Video on Demand is a project that helps structurize and optimize the work from creators and right holders to spectators, raises the affinity, help the film "find" its spectator. There is also another project in the works that makes security measures for IoT devices. At first it wasn't connected to blockchain, but as the customer base expanded, blockchain seemed like the best solution to provide transparency and decentralization. Igor mentions a huge number of scams, yet still keeps being quite positive about looking into the future.

IR: Blockchain is a good technology and it will be valued… But it isn't the highest point of development, ain't no need to praise it.

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