All our devices are now pocket sized. So why does charging them necessitate carrying around a slab of heavy circuitry? Meet Kado. The pocket smartphone wall charger you can take EVERYWHERE with you - in the tightest of pockets, in wallets, and even in a beard (OK we did that once). This isn't some conceptual futuristic dream. It's real and it's amazing.

Don't worry if you're planning on getting a different phone in the next little bit, or even if you move across the world: we're going to check in with you before delivery to ask you what your plug, cable, and color preferences are.

Available in White, Metallic Pink, and Black

In short, with sweat on our brows and sleeves rolled up to our elbows. In long, with a series of patents, creative engineering and with cutting edge circuitry. It's never been done, because the technology just didn't exist. Until now.

Snap out, snap in. Boom.
You can also use your own (suddenly-bulky-seeming) cables.

To complete the slim and sleek look, we've also created a charger clip holder that sticks easily and safely onto any phone. The clip is made from tough plastic with a strong adhesive that sticks to the back of your phone or phone cover. It comes in three colors, matching the charger's colors - black, white, and metallic pink. With the KADO Clip you can ensure you'll never be stuck without a charger, without carrying extra weight and bulky devices.

You should be confident in KADO's success for the same reason we are: we know what we're doing. We have a proven track record of end to end product development, with specialties in development, production, and shipping internationally. In fact, every Kado team member has years of experience in developing and launching hi-tech products for international markets.

Before Kado we created Mobeego, a single-use battery that gives your smartphone extra energy when it runs flat. Mobeego was successfully distributed in 14 countries worldwide.

They say 'stick to what you know' we think of it more as 'let's keep doing what we love'.

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