AltaIR startup selection insights

A lot of times I get asked how we manage to be successful. What's the process and how do we manage our selection. Every investor looks for advantages, below, I will talk about how we find ours.

We take great care to analyse a lot of companies, trying to locate the projects which have great potential and are suitable for our portfolio.

We have many inbound and proactive sources for our dealflow. Today I will give an example of us working with accelerators.

Recently, AltaIR has attended Y Combinator, as we attend many other accelerators including TechStars , 500 Startups and others. YC is one of the strongest acceleration programs, taking companies through their toughest stage.

The Demo days are twice a year. We always attend and spend a few weeks in the Bay area to speak to our existing portfolio companies as well as new prospects. We take great care to get a feel and keep informed about what's happening inside.

Our strategy most of the time is to choose new and disruptive projects and technologies.

When assessing projects, we look at team and market potential first and foremost. Then we attempt to understand the go to market and scaling strategies, as well as possible competition and what advantages the project brings. Often, AltaIR starts to accelerate its portfolio, seeing how we can help our teams.

Most of our startups are in USA. We have made a few investments in other countries, for example India and Brazil. However it is rather more difficult for us as our understanding of local markets doesn't offer benefits for the startups.

In general, growth is what we look at — how fast and can it grow in the first place, what will their market be like in 2, 3 or 5 years. As we are early stage investors we usually exit at a more mature stage.

We have many success stories — companies that have signed international partnerships, have seen leading VC's come in after we have joined.

Some of these are ThisisL making female products, Vinebox, which is a wine delivery service working on a subscription basis. Yoshi offers your car fuel refill delivered to your door, and Suiteness offering to book suites and villas to global clients. Eight Sleep helps you manage sleep, Wallarm — a server securing service, as well as DocTalk — a powerful medical messenger.

Most of other projects are also showing good growth.

We continue to support the projects on next stages too. We provide them a lot of vision and contacts through AltaIR ecosystem, bring new opportunities and business models, leveraging experiences and best practices.

I would say that the team and market strategy are what we value most — and we always help talented teams reach for the stars.