A World Cinezen: Sam Klebanov Disrupts the entire film industry, with one of our portfolio companies

Cinezen is one of the more disruptive projects I've encountered in recent months. We've provided seed financing for the world's first BVOD — Blockchain Video on Demand platform. Sam Klebanov, who's IMDB profile and industry expertise represent over 600 movie titles either as production or distribution partner, is based in Sweden. Together with co founder and CTO Pavel Rabetski, who's experience extends from Volvo to Telia he is launching something which will change the landscape of movies at home forever. Сinezen will bring back choice and individual curating of movie selection, and with it, reinvigorate love for films.

All the existing VOD-platforms control both the information and the cash flow, which puts the content providers in a disadvantaged position. The platforms receive payment from customers, then at some later point (next month or next quarter) send royalty reports to the content providers. Content providers have no way to verify any royalty reports and can only blindly trust them.

Cinezen changes this and a whole lot more, and provides a much awaited disruption.

Every film is treated as a smart asset and every digital sale or rental is stored as a transaction in a distributed public ledger. Both the platform and the rights holders have the same access to the information, which nobody controls, and nobody can manipulate.

The rights holders will be able to integrate the public ledger with their own data systems or to export the information from it in any suitable format. No more issuing invoices, tracing them and making angry phone calls about payment delays — the rights holders will receive the money automatically, according to smart contracts, in tradeable crypto tokens, with zero administrative efforts on both sides.

Choice is also often limited. Cinezen opens the way for a much wider choice, where rights holders can make every film globally available through a blockchain-based marketplace, which would guarantee them instant revenue sharing and transparent incorruptible reporting. Smart contracts for every film would define the recipient of revenues generated in each country: either the local distributor if the film is sold for this territory or international sales agent if not.

Independent third parties can also run their own virtual video stores at the VOD-marketplace. Each of these stores will have full access to a vast film catalog and enjoy total creative and managerial freedom to select, arrange and structure the content for their stores in any way they wish to attract their target audience. Smart contracts will guarantee store operators a fair share of revenues generated by their customers.

I asked Sam where he sees Cinezen in 5 and 10 years from now:

Cinezen, according to Klebanov will be as serious a player in movies as Spotify in music. For this to happen, Sam and his team will create the largest library of movies. He sees it as an opportunity to have the widest possible selection for watch-at-home viewers, as well as for anyone to try themselves in the movie business via Cinezen's online tools.

The project provides an answer to the most important question to any investor: why on Blockchain. Cinezen provides a solution that benefits not only the B2B but the B2C relationship also. Sam Klebanov pioneered a solution that will widen choice, and create a seamless and powerful solution to the pains of today's entertainment market.

I wish Sam luck and look forward to experiencing world cinema with Cinezen soon!