Keepgo: Disruption for Telecoms

I spoke to Guy Zbarsky, co-Founder of our portfolio startup Keepgo — which is going on their ICO.

Guy told me about the company vision and prospects in the industry, which is dead set on decentralization.

Keepgo story started 9 years ago, when David and Guy were developing tailored roaming solutions, when the first smart phones began to appear on the market. Roaming was expensive, and they began to rent out mobile phones to savvy travellers, offering them a personalized "mobile travel assistant" with a data setup, local SIM, local GPS maps as well as local travel info.

Later came major international partners like Vodafone, AT&T, Telefonica, Switzerland's Salt and others that offered unparalleled access to global data networks at reasonable rates…

Now, calling themselves the Uber of telecom, they are going on ICO to disrupt the communications industry by completely decentralising and reforming the way data ownership works.

Data, as Guy puts it, is yours if you buy it. Just like an apartment you own, or the car you have paid for. Just like Uber and AirBnB you have the right to do with it as you please, including making a profit from something that's already yours.

Using blockchain and sophisticated virtual SIM technology, Keepgo (which is already a profitable, existing business with many patents on vSIM) will provide peer to peer data exchange, enabling anyone to buy and sell data as well as eventually to take advantage of virtually perfect global mobile coverage, as your phone surfs from provider to provider via virtual sim technology (invented and developed by Keepgo), in search of ideal reception and the best deal around. Keeping in mind that virtually anyone can become a provider on the other side of the platform.

Sure, existing providers may find it confusing at first, and may resist change — but AirBnB coexists with hotels, just like Uber coexists with car sharing.

Keepgo believes that later telecommunications companies will adapt similar models as well, that's why in the long run the entire Keepo solution is open source.

The telecom market is extremely dynamic and the tech very adaptive. Few years from now all telecoms and HW manufacturers will switch to a SIM-less standard (Apple and Samsung have already started with some of their products). This standard will introduce an opportunity for new ventures and business models, and Keepgo has a strong vision how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Stay tuned for the Keepgo ICO, meanwhile visit