AltaIR Capital's plans for 2022

A new year and business season has begun, and AltaIR Capital's team has a lot of plans. We'll share with you our key plans for 2022 and briefly summarize the results of 2021.

Last year was very productive: we launched a new fund focused on late-stage support, and also, early-stage funds were developed and we saw some portfolio companies become unicorns.

In the six months since the launch of the new late-stage fund with a target of $300 million, we've successfully supported a number of companies, some of which have already attracted new rounds, with an increase in valuations from 50% to 200%.

In 2021 we totally invested our first two early-stage funds. Both are profitable, and the second fund's ROI exceeded 17x.

Our portfolio has been enriched not only by strong and growing teams, but also by new unicorns - Sunbit, OpenWeb, Turing, Deel, and PandaDoc.

Meanwhile, 2022 has started with excellent news - we have our first decacorn - Miro, which is a fast-growing company that's fundamentally changing the realities of work.

We're happy to say that AltaIR Capital not only helps early-stage startups and makes a lot of seed investments, but we've become a prominent player with a decent number of world-class companies in its portfolio.

As part of our investment focus, we actively work with early-stage projects, helping them find and secure their market niche. We continue to invest in late-stage companies up to the M&A or IPO stages.

This year we will continue this approach, supporting both start-ups and growing teams, as well as mature companies in the global scaling stage of the business. We will continue to develop close partnerships with venture industry peers investing in various stages around the world.

We're especially interested in startup companies active in Productivity Tools, FinTech, InsureTech, Future of Work, Digital Health, and EduTech. We pay close attention to companies from the USA, Israel, and the post-Soviet area that are focused on global business development.

We are open for partnership on projects and joint investments.

  • If you are a startup and want to send us your pitch, please do so here.
  • If you are interested in co-investments with AltaClub, and/or want to participate in our fund, then please email us here.