Igor Ryabenkiy's book Adventures in Venture Capital is now available

How to identify future unicorns early in their development? Which founders to support (and which to keep at arm’s length)? Which strategies work best for balancing growth and productivity How CEOs and founders can perfect their pitches to hook investors? In his new book, Igor Ryabenkiy answers these and other questions.

With humor, Ryabenkiy shares his unique experience investing in startups, breeding unicorns, running an international venture capital business, and breaking new ground as a serial entrepreneur.

The book speaks to both entrepreneurs and investors, with Ryabenkiy candidly revealing his most successful tactics and strategies for succeeding in the global venture market.

You can read fragments of the book for free:

How many competitors do you need to be happy? Why it's important to cherish your rivals

Coming in from the cold. A few tips on squeezing a camel through the eye of a needle

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