New Portfolio Startup: Yung Sidekick, an AI Assistant for Mental Health Professionals

Yung Sidekick raised investment from AltaIR Capital, Ultra.VC, and a group of other VCs at the pre-seed round.

Yung Sidekick is an AI assistant for mental health professionals. The company was founded by Mike Reider (ex-Uber) and Alexander Anastasin (ex-Groupon), both with over ten years of experience in entrepreneurship and digital technologies. Yung Sidekick already has very promising traction and demonstrates a strong long-term vision and ambition in the HealthTech market.

Igor Ryabenkiy commented on the investment, saying, "We are constantly exploring different verticals in medicine, and psychotherapy is one such area of focus. The current communication process between patients and psychotherapists faces several challenges. A significant issue is the extensive time specialists spend on creating and processing records, much of which remains difficult to reuse and generally inaccessible to both doctors and patients.

To address these problems, we have recently invested in Yung Sidekick. This innovative company leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. The Yung Sidekick app enables mental health professionals to stay focused during sessions by automatically generating EHR-ready progress notes & reports with analytics. Company is also developing products that will streamline supervision, assessment, client interaction, and other aspects of therapists workflow. These solutions are not only important but also highly beneficial for both therapists and their patients."

The additional capital will be invested in marketing, sales, and product development.