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When walking through a factory, it’s not that rare to see a variety of machines made by different manufacturers, with each machine owning its very own control center. Other than a major headache maintaining the different machines, quality assurance and recalls become another key issue as machines often suffer undetected malfunctions due to the control panel chaos. Israeli startup QualityLine is attempting to tackle this very problem, and just armed itself with a new investment to do so.

Monitor and analyze data remotely

Israeli startup QualityLine developed AI-based technology that automates integration of all the data coming from the factory manufacturing floor. QualityLine’s system performs the whole integration process remotely, and the company’s proprietary algorithms automate collected data analysis.

CEO Dr. Eyal Kaufman explains in a talk with Geektime that "manufacturing companies face quality and efficiency issues in their production process. This happens because there is a current lack of comprehensive and detailed control over every part of the production process in factories around the world."

Kaufman further explains that as a result of this lack of control, some of the companies end up in a situation that they’re sending to market defective products, which in one way or another will eventually be part of a recall.

QualityLine is aiming to be the go-to, and only call organizations make to manage and analyze their data. The Israeli startup’s system performs integration using the customer’s production-based data; continuously collects data from each manufacturing-connected device; then analyzes the data and presents a solution to the customer’s production floor issues in a customized analytics platform designed specifically for the customer.

Kaufman tells that the company founders landed on the idea through their experience working as quality assurance and production line management. "We've experienced the enormous challenge of monitoring mass production operations at the world’s leading manufacturing sites."

The company markets its system as a SaaS service, and according to Kaufman, QualityLine collects data remotely and analyzes it from over 100 factories in 15 different countries, with a workforce that has never been to the office.

Kaufman continues to lay out QualityLine's advantages over parallel products: "We are the only company in the world with remote automated integration capabilities, collecting data from the production floor, and providing a comprehensive automated analytics system — without ever stepping foot on the factory floor."

QualityLine was founded in 2014 by Kaufman, who previously served as VP Operations at Mobili and Cardo Systems,and VP R&D Gabriel Magen. The company’s offices are located in one of Israel’s southern tech hubs and are home to 18 employees. The company has raised $ 1.2 million to date from AltaIR Capital.

Published by Geektime — on September 6, 2020