New portfolio startup: Webvizio, a collaboration platform for web professionals

The US-based startup Webvizio raised investment from AltaIR Capital, Yellow Rocks, Smart Partnership Capital, and I2BF Global Ventures. This round has been raised through Pre-Seed to Succeed investment program investment program.

Webvizio is a collaboration platform for web professionals that bridges communication gaps between teams and clients while working on website projects and web-based applications. The company was founded in 2022 by Dan Ponomarenko, CEO/CMO, with over twenty years of experience in marketing and digital technologies, and Alex Malashkevych, CTO and a highly skilled full-stack developer proficient in multiple programming languages with over ten years of experience in web development.

The additional capital will be invested in marketing, sales, product development, and human resources. According to the founders, the focus will be on identifying market fit and building the traction to scale the product x10 over the next three years.