Igor Ryabenkiy presented his book at Harbour.Space University in Barcelona and met the local community

Igor Ryabenkiy made a special appearance at Harbour.Space University, engaging with students and sharing his insights on the world of venture markets. He has also presented his book Adventures in Venture Capital by unveiling the main secrets of building a successful tech business.

His lecture attracted an enthusiastic audience of students, professors, and industry professionals. During his talk, Mr. Ryabenkiy highlighted the fundamental principles of building a successful business in the ever-changing venture market. As the investor of dozens of fast-growing tech companies, he shared his personal experiences, successes, and challenges that have shaped his journey in the business world.

Following the presentation, Mr. Ryabenkiy hosted an exclusive master class for students, focusing on the art of crafting compelling elevator pitches. He imparted his expertise and expertise, providing practical tips and techniques to help students effectively communicate their business ideas in a concise and persuasive manner. As part of the master class, 8 students and alumni of the university presented the projects they are working on both as part of their educational courses and after graduating from uni.

The Co-founder of Harbour.Space University, Svetlana Velikanova, expressed her excitement and appreciation for the positive impact Mr. Ryabenkiy’s visit had on her students. "His achievements in the venture market serve as an inspiration to our students, and his engagement with the Spanish startups demonstrates his commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation."

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