New startup in portfolio: Limelight, LA-based B2B creator collaboration and advertising platform

The startup has raised $1.1M in pre-seed funding from AltaIR Capital, Soma Capital, EntrepreneurVC, and many other strategic investors, including one of the co-founders of

Limelight is the first-ever B2B creator ad platform. It helps world-class brands scale go-to-market (GTM) via content partnerships with verified B2B creators and thought leaders. In 2024, 71% of CMOs will increase their budget for B2B influencers (Ogilvy) because it is a new scalable marketing channel with high ROI. Limelight can serve almost any client with over 1,000+ niche B2B creators and 140+ top B2B brands discoverable on the platform.

The company was launched in 2023 by serial entrepreneurs with a world-class team from Uber, Amazon, and Indeed. David Walsh is 3x founder with 10+ years of domain expertise in B2B SaaS and e-commerce, and Youngjae Ji has 20+ years as a full stack engineering, founded two previous companies, and built Ubers scalable marketplace infrastructure during his 6 years there, and Demir Capan, founding associate, and award winning digital designer.

Limelight came out of Beta in Q1 2024 and has attracted many world-recognized B2B creators to its platform who use it to collaborate and partner with brands. The company is also backed by one of the co-founders of The B2B creator economy is growing rapidly, with thought leadership ads on LinkedIn outperforming all other ads by 1.6x.