Keynote: Igor Ryabenkiy spoke at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference

20th March, Igor Ryabenkiy, Altair Capital's Managing Partner spoke at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California. This is one of the most important events in AI industry, attracting leading investors and entrepreneurs who influence the technological landscape of the global IT sector.

Mr. Ryabenykiy gave a presentation, talked about Altair Capital, and shared his vision of AI development trends. He commented on his participation in conference on social media:

«We at AltaIR Capital are constantly looking for new opportunities within the AI domain, and I simply couldn't miss such an event. We've seen amazing progress in computing power, which lets us make AI much better and more efficient, while also using less electricity per task. NVIDIA has shown lots of useful solutions, making it a key place for modeling current and future businesses. AltaIR has been investing in AI for a long time, accumulating vast expertise and successful cases, but I still learn something new, and such conferences are an excellent opportunity to stay up to date».